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Funding opportunities for military charities

For those charities, voluntary and community organisations offering support to current and former members of the armed forces, securing sustainable income will always be a top priority. With one million fewer Brits giving to military charities compared to five years ago, organisations must remain flexible in their approach to fundraising and ensure they have a diversified income portfolio.

There are several grant-making bodies providing funding for those organisations supporting the military and veteran community, from small grants for local projects, to large, multi-year grants designed to drive change on a national scale. Here’s a roundup of just a few of the grants currently available to support projects focused on the military, veterans, and their families.

Military veterans holding flowers

The Cadogen Charity

Available grants: £2,000 - £10,000

The Cadogan Charity offers grants to recognised national charities in London or Scotland that are supporting social and welfare aspects of the community; medical research; conservation and the environment; as well as military charities; educational charities; and animal welfare charities.

Organisations previously funded include:

  • Gurkha Welfare Trust

  • Honourable Company of Air Pilots

  • Royal Star & Garter Homes

  • War Memorials Trust

How to apply

They do not have a website for further information on how to obtain this fund, however, enquiries should be made to:

Secretary to the Trustees The Cadogan Charity 10 Duke of York Square London SW3 4LY Tel: 0207 730 4567 Email:

The Grocers’ Charity

Available grants: £5,000

The Grocers' Charity are offering one-off grants to small UK registered charities for work in the specific areas of: relief of youth poverty, the disabled, the elderly, health, military, and the arts and heritage. Registered charities in the UK with a turnover of under £500,000 are eligible to apply.

To be eligible for funding, organisations should:

  • Provide innovative projects and programmes for current and ex-service people and their families.

  • Provide opportunities for education and employment for ex-service people.

  • Support the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of current and ex-service people and their families.

How to apply

Submit an initial enquiry form here by the 12th of January 2024.

Cycling UK – Big Bike Revival Grants Programme

Available grants: £2,500

Cycling UK have reopened their Big Bike Revival Programme for 2023. Grants are available to fund projects that achieve the following objectives:

  • Encourage people who don’t cycle to cycle

  • Encourage people to cycle more often

  • Increase short cycling trips

  • Improve the perception of cycling safety

  • Improve people’s confidence to cycle

There is a particular focus on including groups who are underrepresented in cycling or face challenges and perceived barriers to cycling, such as military veterans.

How to apply

Apply here by the 15th of December 2023.

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust - Armed Forces Families Fund: Early Years Programme

Available grants: £5,000 - £80,000

The Covenant Fund are awarding grants of between £5,000 and £80,000 on behalf of the Ministry of Defence’s Armed Forces Families Fund Early Years Programme for projects which help enhance early childhood education and childcare settings of young children from Armed Forces families. Funding is available to private, public and non-profit sector nursery education providers on or within five miles of an Armed Forces base to help enhance Early Years learning environments for children (under five years) from Forces families across the UK.

Grants are available for:

  • Reasonable staff costs which are shown to be in addition to regular staffing.

  • Costs of sessional workers to deliver specific interventions for children from Armed Forces families.

  • Costs of training for skills enhancements for staff to deliver specific interventions for children from Armed Forces families.

  • Resources such as arts and crafts and other learning materials.

  • Enhancements to the learning environment such as smaller-scale refurbishments, such as adapting current spaces, and indoor and outdoor equipment, where this offers a clear benefit to meet specific needs of children from Armed Forces families.

  • Reasonable overheads that are directly related to the project/programme of activities.

How to apply

Apply here by the 12th of January 2024.

Armed Forces Covenant Trust – Force for Change Programme

Available grants: up to £15,000

The Covenant Fund are offering grants to registered charities and CICs to support community projects that reduce isolation and promote integration. This year, the programme will support ideas that need small amounts of funding to deliver changes or improvements for Armed Forces communities, particularly for those who are experiencing particular needs due to cost-of-living challenges.

Grants are available for:

  • Staff time for the fixed-term project, including time-managing volunteers that may be involved in the project.

  • Purchasing items that provide practical support, or than can enable activities to take place.

  • Purchasing items that are needed to provide support, such as additional telephones or laptops.

  • Reasonable costs for storing and transporting items, including wear and tear on private vehicles.

  • Reasonable overheads that reflect the cost of delivering the project.

How to apply

Apply here by the 13th of December 2023.

Forces in Mind Trust

Available grants: Discretionary

Forces in Mind Trust are offering grants for not-for-profit organisations to support ex-Service men or women and their families as they make the transition to civilian life within the UK.

Grants are available to support projects:

  • Where the proposed outcomes meet an identified need and help achieve FiMT’s Change Model.

  • With a clear need which is relevant to FiMT’s Change Model.

  • With strong potential to grow or to provide opportunities for replication.

  • Which can bring about sustainable change.

How to apply

Apply here. Funding is awarded on a rolling basis, with no deadlines.

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust – Veterans Capital Housing Fund (Development Grants Programme/Refurbishment Grants Programme)

Available grants: up to £75,000 for Refurbishment and up to £25,000 for Development

The Covenant Fund are offering grants for projects that assist in the refurbishment of existing accommodation or development of new build accommodation that will offer high quality support for veterans with a housing need.

Grants are available to support projects that will:

  • Enable refurbishments of existing affordable homes for rent to veterans.

  • Enable refurbishments of sites that increase the availability of veteran housing.

  • Ensure properties meet decent homes and energy efficiency standards.

  • Development projects which require funding for professional support costs such as architects, qualified construction project managers or quantity surveyors, to develop detailed building plans and cost assessments for projects that would provide additional capacity in services for veterans who are at risk of homelessness.

Armed Forces Covenant Trust – Veterans’ Career Development Fund

Available grants: up to £70,000

The Covenant Fund have just announced a new and exciting programme! Funding is available for charities, CICs and universities offering projects that help Veterans and their families achieve recognised qualifications and access employment that matches their skills and interests.

How to apply

Apply here by the 8th of January 2024.

The Veterans’ Foundation

Available grants: up to £30,000

The Veterans' Foundation provide grants to charities and community organisations that assist serving and former members of the armed forces community, operational qualified seafarers and their immediate families. They support a wide range of causes, including homelessness, employability, financial disadvantage, disability, welfare issues, mental health, marriage guidance, care during old age and confidence building.

How to apply

Complete the Eligibility Checker and apply here by the 30th of January 2024 for a decision in March 2024.

Thomas Wall Trust

The Thomas Wall Trust provide grants to registered charities that equip disadvantaged people (aged 18 and over) with the necessary communication skills to be ready for employment. They support organisations to provide former members of the armed forces with the capabilities and confidence to transition into a successful career outside the military.

How to apply

Organisations can complete the Expression of Interest form here. Funding is awarded on a rolling basis, with no deadlines.

If you are looking for support with fundraising for your organisation, please do get in touch. Our team have raised over £100M for charitable causes through a combination of trusts, foundations, communities, and corporates, and would be delighted to help you secure the funding you need to change lives.

For all media enquiries, contact

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