The Fundraising in Sport for Development series returns for Part 2!

In just two weeks’ time, Oaks Consultancy will be hosting another panel discussion for the second event in the Fundraising in Sport for Development series! Join us at 2pm BST on the 16th of June to discuss the importance of effective marketing and communications to good fundraising strategy with some very exciting guest speakers. Sound interesting? Sign-up here for a chance to join this important conversation.

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Why marketing and communications?

Improving marketing and communications has been identified by sport for development organisations as a priority for the future, with respondents in our latest report citing this as the single most important factor to increasing investment into the sector. Of these organisations, it was generally agreed that raising public awareness to the social benefits of sport was the key to achieving this.

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In this session we’ll be discussing a range of topics with some of the leading

voices in this space, such as how to develop an effective marketing strategy and plan, execute and monitor a successful campaign, the best ways to build partnerships with external stakeholders including corporates, community organisations and individual donors, and how to harness the power of storytelling to cultivate genuine relationships and unlock new fundraising opportunities. We’ll also be opening the floor to audience questions at the end of the session, so make sure to bring along all your marketing-related queries!

“As a sector, we talk a lot about impact and being data-driven, but storytelling is going to be absolutely key and is right within our comfort zone - we have some phenomenal stories, and we should be using them more to help with individual donors.

- David Given-Sjölander, Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation (Fundraising in Sport for Development: exploring the sector’s reliance on grant funding)

Image by Sport England

The panel

Luke Southall, Managing Director at Oaks, will be joined by a panel of guest speakers with a proven track record in marketing for sport for development, including:

  • Rachelle Patel, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Laureus Sport for Good USA. Rachelle has extensive experience building partnerships between corporates, government and community organisations, including the British Council, Premier League, MLS, and New York Public Library. She has also coordinated the marketing and fundraising campaigns for multiple sport for development organisations.

  • Stacy Kramer Kuckley, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Grassroot Soccer. Stacy came to GRS from Johnson & Johnson, where she worked on the Global Community Impact team managing partnerships with NGO, government, and private sector partners in maternal, new-born and child health and women and girls’ empowerment.

Plus, one more guest speaker who will be announced over the coming days!

After demonstrating an extraordinary level of resilience and collaboration throughout the pandemic, this is an exciting opportunity to explore how the sport for development sector can better communicate their incredible work and secure the funds to scale up their impact.

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