Leicester City in the Community x Oaks

Leicester City in the Community (LCitC) are an independent charity that work in partnership with Leicester City Football Club to transform the lives of people in need. Building on over 20 years of impact and growth, in 2020 the board sought to refresh and re-launch the charity to reflect the changing needs of local communities and provide real direction to the charity’s activities over the coming years.

Working with Oaks, the LCitC team launched a five-year strategic plan that re-focussed the charity’s activities into a place-based, local approach that utilises a community hub model – the first of its kind amongst football club community organisations. To realise this strategic plan, the charity recognised the need to review its business model. For too long the organisation had been reliant on a small number of income streams that were too short-term and restricted.

Over a four-month period, our team at Oaks undertook an in-depth review of all LCitC fundraising activity – consulting with funders, staff, volunteers, and other key stakeholders to understand who, why and how these individuals and organisations give and engage with LCitC.

Through a series of workshops, we explored all the possible income opportunities for LCitC and how these opportunities might help to achieve the charity’s 2023 strategy, identifying priorities based on their income potential and discounting opportunities based on effort and risk. The resulting fundraising strategy set an ambitious target of doubling the turnover of the organisation from £1.5m in 2019 to £3m by 2023.