Longhurst Group x Oaks

Longhurst Group is a housing association that provides more than 23,000 homes and a wide range of care and support services across the Midlands and east of England. As an association with an unyielding commitment to delivering community impact for their residents and neighbourhoods, they commissioned Oaks in 2020 to undertake a community investment strategy process that focused on the development of a community-led social enterprise model.

Working with stakeholders from across the Group and beyond, we undertook an intensive scoping and consultation exercise to identify the most pertinent social challenges within their communities that were hitherto being unmet. We then worked with the same stakeholders to develop a creative, beneficiary-driven social enterprise model that would be a transformative vehicle for the residents and families it served.

We then developed the associated business plan to underpin the model. This focused on sustainability through income diversity, identifying and prioritising all relevant capital and revenue funding streams such as trust and foundation grant funding, corporate partnerships, social investment, and individual giving fundraising campaigns.

The social enterprise is set to launch in Q1 of 2022.