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Oaks Impact Report

It has been another extraordinary year for organisations with a social purpose. The cost-of-living crisis has exacerbated many of the challenges already being felt by non-profits across the globe, who have responded with their customary resilience in order to continue to support their beneficiaries. The team at Oaks have been incredibly privileged to play a small role in helping these organisations to achieve their mission.

We are delighted to release our inaugural Impact Report: reflecting on a few of the things we are proud to have been a part of in 2022.

Oaks Impact Report
Download PDF • 9.12MB

Last year, we helped our clients secure funding for 107 socially focussed projects and developed strategic solutions to help 23 organisations achieve their goals.

The impact of these programmes is set to reach 50,145 beneficiaries across 27 unique beneficiary groups.

The scope of the projects are diverse: from using sport as a vehicle to unite divided communities to providing vital support to vulnerable people during the cost-of-living crisis. We are committed to supporting organisations to deliver life-changing impact, in whatever form this takes.

Read the full report to find out more.

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