Sporting Equals x Oaks

Sporting Equals are a national race equality charity with a network of over 5,000 local, community-based groups delivering sport and physical activity in areas of high ethnic diversity. In the immediate aftermath of the first lockdown in March 2020, these community organisations worked hard to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, including providing food aid, medical aid, hygiene awareness, welfare checks and hundreds of other interventions. Feedback from ongoing consultation with these organisations indicated that they were extremely concerned about their financial position and their ability to continue delivering vital services, with several being forced to close permanently.

Working with Sporting Equals, we undertook a review of their organisational needs and built a partnership with Comic Relief and the National Emergencies Trust that resulted in the release of over £450,000 to this network and a supporting capacity building programme focussed on immediate financial planning, access to government funding, and long-term sustainability planning. In early 2021, we secured an additional £250,000 grant through Peloton’s social impact investment strategy for Sporting Equal’s work in London, and £225,000 from Sport England for further grant distribution.