Waltham Forest Housing Association x Oaks

Waltham Forest Housing Association (WFHA) are a small, independent housing provider specialising in sheltered and supported accommodation. The organisation has developed a strong reputation for specialist provision, with award-winning support provided to individuals with special education needs and learning disabilities.

COVID-19 presented a significant challenge to WFHA and their vulnerable residents; significantly inhibiting the organisation’s physical ability to provide the support their residents need whilst creating longer-term funding difficulties. In response, in early 2020 WFHA commissioned Oaks to create a fundraising strategy for the organisation with a particular focus on securing income via grants from trusts, foundations and institutions. Together with stakeholders from across the WFHA business, we undertook a review of the organisation’s investment readiness, identifying potential areas of weakness and mitigating actions to get the organisation ready to successfully approach grant-makers.

Once this exercise was complete, we led the creation of a new case for support for WFHA, identified several suitable grant-makers, and ultimately led the approach to these potential funders. WFHA is now in a strong position to continue seeking funding from trusts, foundations, and institutions to deliver much-needed support to its residents.