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Welsh Cycling commissions Oaks Consultancy to help them reshape the future of cycling in Wales

Leading national governing body, Welsh Cycling, has commissioned Oaks Consultancy to deliver an exciting strategic project designed to reshape the future of the sport in Wales. Welsh Cycling are on a mission to encourage participation and nurture the growth of the sport across the nation. This project will underpin their strategic aspirations of facilitating inclusivity and engagement in cycling, while also enabling them to diversify their income sources and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary (4-5 November) with a festival of cycling which saw hundreds of children and young people take to their bikes to celebrate the sport, the Welsh Cycling team are keen to capitalise in this success and encourage extensive stakeholder input in their strategic direction. To kickstart this process, they are seeking feedback from as much of the cycling community as possible through their “Cycling to the Future” survey, which is now ready to share with their networks. The survey is an opportunity for cyclists at every level of the sport to feedback to their governing body on what is needed to ensure the sport’s continued success in Wales.

Take the survey in English

Take the survey in Welsh

From there, the project will focus on the revisiting of Welsh Cycling’s Vision, Mission and Values statements, to ensure alignment with the needs of their stakeholder network. The strategy development process will equip their team with a data driven strategic plan, complete with high-level goals, measurable objectives and an impact measurement framework. To underpin this strategy, a comprehensive income generation and diversification plan will also be developed, providing Welsh Cycling with a sustainable funding model across a range of income streams.

Director of Sport, Emma Atkins, joined the Welsh Cycling team at the 50th anniversary celebration, in order to kickstart the consultation process:

“It was great to come to Newport and see the incredible work Welsh Cycling are doing first-hand. The smiles on the muddy faces of all the children, who had turned up to take part in the pouring rain, is testament to the hard work of their fantastic team. We are incredibly excited to be working together, and look forward to helping them smash their goals over the coming weeks.”

Caroline Spanton, Chief Executive at Welsh Cycling, added:

“It has been brilliant to get the engagement process underway over the last week. To have experienced leaders in this field, Oaks, with us to move us towards becoming a more relevant, inclusive and approachable organisation is really exciting. Through the survey and stakeholder sessions, I am looking forward to hearing from a diverse range of people to make our visions into a reality."

Welsh Cycling x Oaks Consultancy: stakeholder engagement workshop

Oaks Consultancy is the strategic planning and income generation consultancy for organisations with a social purpose. They provide bespoke strategic solutions for national associations, federations and governing bodies who are changing the world through sport. Their team have supported hundreds of organisations across the globe to transform their vision into reality and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

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