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Sport for Development.

We understand that sport goes beyond the physical. Organisations across the globe are using sport as a vehicle to overcome countless societal challenges: providing a positive environment to tackle inequality, develop life skills and bridge divides. We at Oaks are incredibly privileged to play a small part in supporting them on this mission. 

Laureus Sport for Good.

Laureus is a global movement that celebrates the power of sport to bring people together as a force for good.


Laureus Sport for Good is the charitable vehicle that delivers the social outcomes of the movement. The charity now supports over 100 sports-based community initiatives across 35 countries to combat social challenges facing children and young people. Oaks advised their board and senior executives throughout their strategic planning process, successfully helping to deliver their ten-year strategy. The process included consultation with partners, grantees, funders, beneficiaries, and strategic stakeholders, with the strategy launched in late 2021.


We were subsequently commissioned by Laureus USA to develop a three-year strategic plan on behalf of the national Foundation. We worked closely with their team to develop a concomitant fundraising strategy, which underpins the global strategy. We also supported its implementation, helping them to execute fundraising activities in respect of institutional grant funders and corporate partnerships.

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Our Support.

Our services in sport for development are designed to equip organisations with the resources, skills and confidence to deliver life-changing impact. We are the leading consultancy for fundraising in the sector: helping you to develop your fundraising strategy, diversify your income streams, and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Strategic Planning

We create the roadmap that enables sport for development organisations to achieve their social purpose. Our strategic planning and implementation services drive organisations towards their vision for the future.


We equip sport for development organisations with the resources to make incredible things happen. Our fundraising services generate the sustainable income needed to facilitate meaningful change.

Capacity Building

We support sport for development organisations to enhance their operational performance and extend their capabilities. Our capacity building services raise standards of practice across the sector.

Trusted by the global sport for development sector.

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