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Oaks is merging with sister company Altair to offer more services to our clients

Since 2019, we have worked closely with the team at our sister company, Altair, and the integration of both businesses is the natural next step so that we might better achieve our shared mission of supporting organisations with a social purpose.  


The integration of Oaks into Altair embodies our shared commitment to fostering the growth, resilience, and adaptability of our clients. By uniting as a single entity, we have extended these principles to our organisation. Together, we are positioned to amplify our collective strengths: driving innovation, and delivering increased value to clients.  


What does this mean for clients? 


The benefit for clients is that we retain our expertise in the sport, education and charity sectors, but can now add additional access to a wider range of skills and services.  


Day to day little will change. You may see new Altair email addresses, and legally work is being delivered by Altair. In time, the Oaks website will be incorporated into Altair’s, as the Altair brand is refreshed to reflect the enhanced offer. However, we know that it is our people who are important, and there will be no change to your work with them.  


Investment in our teams, technology, and commitment to delivering to all our clients, remains as strong as ever.   


This integration strengthens our ability to support clients to achieve their goals. Access to more people, more services, and more tools, but retaining a deep understanding of your sector and your social purpose, which has always been at the heart of what we do.  


We will keep our clients informed as we complete the integration.  

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